Recycled Fabric Jewellery

I’ve recently made a few one-off, unique pieces of recycled fabric jewellery. These two necklaces and a bracelet are mostly made from tiny scraps from a bag of offcuts that are too small to be used for most purposes. But they’re still useful: really small bits of fluff can still be used for stuffing into a fabric bead, and bits of thread can be woven and stitched onto an appliqué fabric necklace.

This fabric wrap bracelet (available here at the Unexpected Boutique) is made with memory wire, brown and green thread and fabric scraps, and also two beads from my collection of mostly secondhand materials.

recycled fabric wrap bracelet
Fabric wrap bracelet from the Unexpected Boutique

I had a few small pink felt beads left over from my big felt-jewellery-making extravaganza, but not enough to make a whole necklace. So instead of buying new felt beads to complete an entirely felt necklace, I stitched some rustic-style fabric beads from some scrap fabric in a matching colour scheme. (Also available in my shop, here).

pink fabric necklace
Pink fabric necklace

I’ve also made a long, tapered, entirely recycled fabric necklace, with no metal parts, which just slips over your head. It’s made with all kinds of fibre in blue, green, pink and brown – jersey and woven fabrics, wool, embroidery thread, cotton, and anything else that matched and was knocking around in the offcuts box.

This one’s listed in my shop here.

Long recycled fibre necklace
Long recycled fibre necklace