Two New Shops – And Goodbye to this Blog…

After a long while trying to fit hexagonal pegs into triangular holes (that is, trying to make the two divergent styles of jewellery that I now make fit into the two shops I created for the types of jeweller I was making ten years ago) I’ve got a New Plan For Drastic Change. (hahahaha, yes, I may have said this before.)

I’ve built two completely new web shops! One is for my bright and bold jewellery – such as the the button stud earrings and felt bead necklaces – and the other is for my weird one-offs and pieces made from fabric scraps and beads from broken jewellery and other assorted rusticity.

It was time to retire the Unexpected Boutique – simply because over the years I’ve moved away from the found-objects (dice, safety pins and things) towards recycling old beads from broken jewellery, and scraps of fabric and yarn. I’ve called one of my new shops Patchwork Jackdaw, which I think is a much better fit. That’s where you’ll now find my more intricate stuff in muted colours, the one-offs and rustic fabric pieces.

The other shop  – the bright and bold one – is called Florence Loves Fridays, and has felt jewellery, some of the brighter button necklaces, my range of bright button stud earrings, plus brooches, purses and…. some new things coming soon!

Both of these shops have blogs attached to them, and as this blog that you’re reading now mostly refers to my old sites, and quite a few jewellery lines that I don’t make any more, I thought I’d archive it and focus on writing blog posts on my new sites, about the jewellery that they each sell. But I’m leaving these posts up for now in case anyone wants to read them…

(My shop at is staying for the moment – as having all of my button themed stuff in one place is pretty handy for some people.)