Long Length Assemblage Necklaces

Continuing my process of going through boxes of old materials that were bought for a particular purpose but not used, or were parts for something that I used to make but could no longer get the other components for, I’ve made a collection of new assemblage necklaces. These are made with buttons, bits of old broken jewellery, beads (some old, some new), miniature teapots, charms, and a variety of different chains that are mostly antique bronze or copper plated. Each one is unique, and they’re priced at £18. You can see the full range on my necklaces page here.

Button Purses – New in the Accessories Collection

In the accessories section, I’ve just added a collection of button purses. These are handmade from 100% cotton fabrics in various different prints, and decorated with buttons that co-ordinate with the fabrics and zips. The fabrics are a mix of spotty, floral and paisley designs. Each one is unique. You can browse the purses section here.

These purses are handy for holding loose change, business cards, receipts, store cards, bank cards and any other general bits and pieces that you might find in a larger bag and in need of containing. I keep several of them in my larger bags that I occasionally swap between – when I’m going for a long walk, I use one of these to hold a bit of cash and my keys inside a rucksack, rather than taking my entire handbag with all its day-to-day nonsense (I mean, I don’t need my Boots Advantage Card and eye-liner and train-ticket holder when I’m going for a walk…)

These might even work as a soft, unusual mobile phone case, if you have a phone that fits – they measure 13x8cm, or 5×3″.

Talking of the purse dimensions, it’s probably worth mentioning for the benefit of my American customers: I’m using the word “purse” in the British sense of the word, here – a small bag for holding coins, rather than a larger bag to hold everything (known here as a “handbag”). So make sure you check the measurements are going to be right for you before buying!

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