My Jewellery Shops

Florence Loves Fridays
My newest webshop – this one focuses on the brighter, bolder side to my jewellery making. It stocks jewellery made with felt beads, and my brighter range of button jewellery.

Button Jewellery
The first jewellery website that I set up, this one pretty much does what it says on the tin – sells necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other accessories made with buttons.

Patchwork Jackdaw
Created when some of my pieces of button jewellery were becoming more detailed and intricate than those on my original button jewellery site, so that they didn’t fit in so well with the others items. Also, I had begun to experiment with other materials, so making a new, slightly different online shop seemed the logical thing to do. This site was originally known as ‘Unexpected Boutique’ but was rebranded in 2018 when I realised most of the materials were not as unexpected as they used to be – I had moved away from found objects such as dice, safety pins etc. and more towards using up fabric scraps and beads from broken jewellery. ‘Patchwork Jackdaw’ seemed a better fit.

My Main Etsy Shop
The Etsy analogue to the Patchwork Jackdaw website.

Felty McFeltface
Felt jewellery! This is new from December 2017 – my whole range of felt jewellery in its own Etsy shop.

Button Brightly Etsy Shop
My button jewellery website was getting too crowded with so many different styles, so I made this shop to focus on the more bright coloured jewellery. Both this and my other Etsy shop look a lot more cohesive when separated like this.