New Felt Jewellery Etsy Shop: Felty McFeltface

Last year I made some felt jewellery from the last few felt beads that I had left in stock. I was expecting this to be a finishing-off process, but the jewellery was so popular that it’s turned out to be a rejuvenation process instead. I was going to stop making felt jewellery because it’s so different from my other jewellery that it always looks out of place in my shops alongside the more delicate pieces – it overpowers them because it’s so chunky and eye-catching. But I had a bit of think, and decided that that’s not a reason to stop making it – it just needed its own place. So I made a new Etsy shop that just sells felt jewellery, nothing else.

I have called it…..
Felty McFeltface.

No, really.

I’m not even sorry.

Here’s some of what’s in stock!

You can visit the shop here.